What is Denuded Exuberance?

What is Denuded Exuberance? I first did want to choose the title of my blog as such: “Irrational Exuberance”. Alas, the term was taken.  So then I thought instead, “What could mean a thing that’s similar to what I wish to say?” It hit me rather hard that I am quite a shrouded man(at least that’s what they say), and though I know myself to be a happy person, thoughts inside do not display in facial way.

Indeed, they say I am a man of mystery. A crazy, wild-eyed, Samson type. The lyrics to my favorite songs are spoken softly, and in Latin. They say I am a man of focus, having always had my eye upon the ball. So swift do I so catch what flies so past, the most important thing of all. The thing, you see, is such that stranger voices call from deep inside the flowered wall. And thus can I, with humble eyes, do ‘naught but heed their call.

This thing that is denuded, and that is exuberance, might send the mountains on a hike or ship the rivers out to see. This thing that is denuded, and that is exuberance, might make the mortal laugh, against all decency. For sure, it is the thing, so joyous, fleetingly aroused, that thing joyful, forcefully espoused. So that the words and thoughts that flow, and outwardly abound, that all of them might mesh into the soaking grounds.

All of this and more to speak, and speak without a sound.

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