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July 23, 2012

Colorado Disgrace

The Colorado massacre was a disgrace, but what was even more disheartening was the prayer vigil held for the poor souls that died. I can see it now: The youngest upstart priest, pounding and pounding his little white fist, and screaming and screaming of god’s little list. So you better be good, cause you know where the gunman is going to be sent. So you better confess and confide in your friend, and spill all your guts all before your brethren.

That’s right. A Colorado massacre made better by a fifty second infomercial selling god for free. The priests and the pulpit. Predators pulling in pupils from the comfort of their perfect holy seat. Let the dead, at least, deliver themselves away. But as for us who remain, I choke on the cheesy ceremonies.

What such stupidity might make a person pray to god and not be answered? Furthermore, what kind of fool gives praise to god for a bullet that misses a vital organ? Perhaps the old man up north had not a hand to lend to help them heal, whose hearts indeed were hit by bullets? Nay, the priests still say, “For if faggots and whores did have their way, then prepare to pay.”

Disgust. Angora. And the whores. What would god say to these heathen fiends? He’d prob’ly say to them, “Bend over, child, give freely of thine spleen.” At least, with time and after the days do pass. When reporters no longer feel compunction to dwell, then maybe such souls as poor as this may rest.

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