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July 18, 2012

The Dilettante’s Song

The Dilettante’s Song

A Poem, by Jose Luis Nunez

A dilettante needs no man, except for he, she spies.
A dilettante needs no voice, for she has glitter eyes.
A dilettante shakes her hips in front of all the guys.

Oh, how free of frown and matted hair she seems!
Such innocence, her red moistened lips do bring!

A dilettante holds her father’s hand and not a man’s.
A dilettante dances all throughout the western lands.
A dilettante blooms, a flower amidst the desert sands.

I’d love to ask her for her hand, and kiss her tiny palm,
I’d love to marry her beneath the canopy of paradise,
and lover her long in pastures by the ocean sea.
And kiss her long in pastures, passionately.

A dilettante needs no man, except for he she spies.
A dilettante needs no lips, for all her pretty eyes.
A dilettante moves her hips, and all us fantasize.

How slender be her form and firm her lovely legs.
How slender be her form, and firm, her lovely legs.

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