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July 17, 2012

The Cynic’s Joke

I find it stunning that a serious essay on the internet will suffer such a lack of ears, but a Joke will be followed by a thousand other quips. Why is humor such an omnipresent force online? Because people lack confidence. Humor is a way to wade through nervous energy, and online when things get serious, no one really knows the proper things to say.

The largest swathe of humor on the Net is black and cynical. There exists some proper literature, but people rarely take the time to read. Black humor, however, lets us nod our heads in agreement. The cynic’s joke reminds us of our failures. It affirms our wretched misery. It tells us we don’t have to struggle. We don’t have to fight. And so, the more black humor on the web, the more we feel we don’t need to challenge ourselves.

You see, it is perfectly possible for a person to seek out higher knowledge on the internet. The world wide web is perfect for intellectuals. The only reason we decline, it seems, to look up astrophysics is an utter lack of confidence. So many people work and sleep, and nothing more they do.

Why shouldn’t they raise their hands in the air, and say, “God did it!”

I trust, however, that with an increase of confidence will come an increase in serious internet topics. As for those who this applies to. Fear is necessary to progress in skill. And trembling hands will only do you good.

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