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June 10, 2012

Political Shortsightedness

President Obama was ushered into office on a storm of good feeling characterized primarily of the very keyword used so often in his campaign: Hope. In more contemporary times, his re-election chances are uncertain, largely due to the massive amounts of negative advertising focusing on the President. He has essentially been cock-blocked out of office.

But one must understand that all of this negative pressure from the republican party, the members of which that are so desperately trying to regain power, will most likely not end with the election of a republican candidate to the presidency. Instead, it is much more likely that the democratic party will feel very betrayed by the republicans, whom they will claim gambled the future of america on such things as the debt ceiling and other such things. In truth, the negative emotions espoused by the republican party during the years of Obama’s Presidency will probably be returned in the four years afterwards. Mitt Romney, if elected, will probably be just as cock-blocked as President Obama was.

The interesting thing is that the republicans were never out of power. In America, anyone can influence any politician regardless of whether they hold office or not. Indeed, the entire system is built to engender compromise and loyalty of a politician towards his or her electorate. Of course, corporate entities possess a great deal of power through the use of televised advertisements, but this ignores the complete lack of presence any corporate entity has on the internet.  Amongst the internet savvy young people that use their computer or phone more than they watch television, a much different sort of political culture is emerging.

I don’t think that any political culture on the internet will actively support one party over another. The internet is far too divisive for that. On the other hand, among individuals who flock to political debate sites and other sites of a political nature, there is a constant push-back that helps individuals organize and make compromises with other groups. It would then seem that while the members of congress refuse to make compromises that should help the nation, the movers and shakers of the internet make these compromises for them.

There is still the question, however, of whether the government still has relevance to the people of the united states. It should be noted that during every new session of congress, the members of said congress have felt compelled to draft up and create at least one new piece of legislation. The result is that, over the years a pile up of legal intricacies has developed and the system has become difficult to navigate.

Luckily, there seems to be some truth to the proposition that the essence of american character is to be found in the spirit of the pioneer or the amateur. Usually america reinvents itself every few decades to accommodate new ideas and concepts, as well as new challenges. I don’t doubt that such a thing will happen again, regardless of whether Mitt Romney or Barack Obama is elected in 2012. I will say, however, that an election of Mitt Romney might reinforce a political gridlock due to resentful democrats striving to make Romney a one term president. An election of Barack Obama to a second term would probably reset things a bit.

Indeed, the second term of any presidency is usually marked by a greater amount of  cooperation and goodwill than any first term.

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