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July 17, 2012

Chuck Norris is Gay

I’ve heard so much about ‘Ol Norris, but what has he to really say? Has he ever really saved the day? His arms were wrenched away by master Lee, and how much of him do I really see? Apparently he hates the trailer parks, they say. Apparently, he’s loved such women, he has turned out Gay. A ginger beard, the man has reared, but silly does it look. Chuck Norris is a figment man compared to Captain Hook.

Mr. Hook, in turn, is cake to Peter Pan. Yet even he must back away from Alice, in her wonderland. And off the links do go, a chained up mess of culture creeps. And all of them now be deceased. Who speaks of Kublai Khan or Giappetto? Who speaks of a kiss so long or a bedtime ghetto?

I stand at the back of the library place. I hope to be dazzled with works of great grace. I find out too late that no life occupies what might I surmise to be bookshelves of such of a size–I find out the lies! The lies, they’ve been said! They’ve burst out my head! And now that I know that you won’t give a damn, I walk out the door before it does slam. I leave you in bed.  I walk out that door. I don’t give a crap about Norris no more.

July 17, 2012

Television is more Real than Reality

The Silver Screen

A Poem: By Joseluis Nunez

I see a perfect row of ghastly faces when I stare into the telly screen. These ancient masks of theatre do cringe and cowl and gasp and glare. These actors on the silver screen just scream about the lives they live. Lives lived like gods on top olympic thrones. My friends–if you be friend– more likely be you foe, I’ll make an honest pact with you. I’ll set the record right away. I’ll certainly be honest, too:

I tire of triviality. I’m full of feeble speak. No longer do I like the simple words of praise. I hunger for another time, and another day and way. No judge shall judge upon me, nor the words I say. No mob shall come enthrong me, no more, no more today. I’ll speak my honest heart and hope to hear you say, “By god, this boy has right the words! I’ll listen every day!”

And so, the words I speak right now, I’ll speak them right away: The actors on the silver screen do live a life above the fray. The magic of the movies needs to disappear. I myself must stop my drinking of the beer. Go out! Go out! Run out and rummage through the soil! Bake a cake and eat it too, with stockpiled elbow oil! Leave my phone on top the shelf, and see what mysteries might show themselves. But worry not, for I’ll return.

I’ll tell you all what I have learned.

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