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June 3, 2012

The Road Most Traveled

A Poem

Written by Joseluis Nunez, and inspired by “The Road Less Traveled”, by Robert Frost

The Road Most Traveled

The road less traveled dominates
my friends desire. All their passion,
all their fire, propagates a dire will,
to know the path and where it sends,
if either doom, or grace portends.

And once, I walked with them,
but counting all the coal that lay
abandoned by the side of road,
forgotten diamonds, lost and cold,
I lost my mind and turned away.

And so I took the road most walked,
and found the path obstructed, blocked,
by brambles and by vines, but still,
I walked and walked.

And now that this, this talk,
has come outside my head,
I feel perhaps the road less traveled,
nowadays be traveled much instead.

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